Petitioning has begun!

  • Welcome to the 2024 OCLPNY petitioning portal! Here, you can find all the resources for our 2024 petitioning drive. We need your help to get our candidates on the ballot, and provide a choice for voters on Election Day (November 5)!

    Our goal is to collect over 700 petition signatures and you can help us!

Statewide Petition Sheets: President and Vice Presidentt

Use the statewide petition sheet for the statewide candidates: Larry Sharpe (President) and Rich Purtell (Vice President). They are stand-in candidates because the Libertarian National Convention will be held at the end of the petitioning period. Once the nominees are known, the stand-in candidates can step down in favor of the candidates nominated at the National Convention.

Download / Print Statewide petition

General information on Petitioning

Petitioning Period. Only collect signatures during the petitioning period. For statewide offices, it is April 16, 2024 to May 28, 2024. You will need get the petition sheets to us (see below) on a weekly basis, so we can prepare the petitions for turn-in. Please note the address below for sending us your petition sheets.

Juan Ayala
52 Beers drive
Middletown, NY 10940

Who can sign/witness? Anyone registered as New York State voter can sign or circulate (witness) our petition, in any district. However, you cannot both sign and witness the same petition. Have a friend witness the petition that you sign. In most cases, you will want a signer to fill in their address and print their name, but all a signer has to do is sign, and you can fill out the rest. If you make any corrections, initial the change.

Which address do I use? You and those who sign the petitions need to use the address in which they are registered to vote. You can find out where you are registered to vote, and which districts you live in, by using the NYS Voter Registration search. Please note the RESIDENTIAL ADDRESS, TOWN and COUNTY where you are registered to vote. You will need to fill these in for the Witness Statement at the bottom of your petition sheet. You fill this part out after each sheet is full of signatures. If you put your village, hamlet, or postal address instead of your town, the entire sheet will be invalid under New York’s arcane petitioning rules.

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Petitioning 2 For 1

A quick, easy way to help us is by participating in the “Two for One” Petition Drive! Download the petition, swap with a friend, witness each other's petitions, and then mail them to us. It’s that simple!

Let Larry Sharpe explain to you when he did it during his 2022 NY Governors Race.

Petitioning 2 For 1 Video
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Become a member of the OCNYLP

Please visit our community management platform. All of our upcoming events, announcements and general discussion occur here.

Plus, it FREE to join. We welcome all current and future Libertarians to sign up.

OCNYLP Group Page


Need help with petitioning? No problem!

Contact us at if you have any questions or to report any incidents while you are petitioning.

If police are attempting to interfere with your right to petition and you are in a public space such as a sidewalk, public park, public parking lot, or public festival, you can report such incidents to us.

You can sent us photos/scan of any petition sheet you have if you are unsure if the information has been added correctly and we can help you ensure we are getting valid signatures.